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TOYS of the DEAD is one of the five Factions in Fight League.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Official Summary[edit | edit source]

ln the air, their laughter friendly and inviting.

Alive at night, this box of toys seems innocent, but there's something about it that's simply...terrifying.

Come on! The party's just getting started!


The World of TOYS of the DEAD[edit | edit source]

The TOYS' World is an overturned toy box. In this realm of eternal night, the souls of the dead play and frolic in the toy bodies they've possessed.

The Church of TOYS cares for lost spirits of the departed. Under the discerning eye of Princess Zombini, bodies are chosen for the souls to inhabit.

The church wishes to find bodies for souls as soon as possible, but it looks like they're having more than enough fun in the meantime.

Skills and Talents[edit | edit source]

TOYS of the DEAD have high ATK and Long Range, but low HP. Sacrifice is the key to playing with this tricky Brand

Deck Types in TOYS of the DEAD[edit | edit source]

Like any other brand in Fight League, TOYS of the DEAD has its own list of decks that work well, by making use of the synergies created by its members' abilities.

1) Sacrifice[edit | edit source]

This deck type focuses on the various fighters with abilities that hurt your own leader, either as payment for their superior strength or destructive skills. Key fighters for this type include Runaway Gargoyle or Ring-o-taur. More often than not, fights with this deck are over relatively quickly.

2) Spirits[edit | edit source]

A deck that focuses on spirits usually includes some or all of the fighters found in the Cursed Crew of the Phantomus Fighter Pack. The deck's aim is to fill the board with spirits and then damage the opponent via your overwhelming board presence, or potent finishers like Madame Impalement or Headless Rider.

3) Retreat[edit | edit source]

Similar to the Sacrifice deck type, this deck gives up a different aspect of itself - its own fighters. With members like Spiny Sammy Guaro and Odd Eye-Doll, the deck encourages saying goodbye to your members, and finishes off the opponent with Mary Tryoshka or other fighters.

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