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There are a variety of Skills in Fight League. These are special abilities that a Member has that have a variety of triggers to take effect.

Categories[edit | edit source]

Each Skill has a classification that it falls under. Each classification has a set of rules it follows. Most of these rules coincide with turn order.

Enter: Triggers the effect immediately upon entering play.

Select: As you place this piece, you declare a target to receive the effect of the Skill.

Flee: Triggers the effect upon the Member leaving play.

Turn End: At the end of every turn, these Skills trigger as the absolute last event that happens.

Allied Turn End: Similar to above, though these trigger only at the end of your own turns. They happen before Turn End.

Action End: Triggers upon the end of Fight Damage and resulting Skill triggers resolved.

Countdown. These Skills have a value that ticks down at Action End. When the counter reaches zero, the Skill activates.

If: These are skills that have no prefix. They are persistent skills that remain in effect only as long as the Member that provides them remains in play. These Skills almost always have conditions for triggering such as when another member enters play, or when taking damage. Labeled as "If" since all of these skills can have the word "If" inserted at the beginning of the Skill description in some manner if it isn't already there, i.e. "If an Allied Member is in range, boost their Attack by 100."

Effects[edit | edit source]

Skills will commonly affect the Arena or other Members when they happen. They'll use words that inform the players what will happen and how.

Enemy Member: Any Member that is not under your control currently in play.

Allied Member: Any Member that is under your control and currently in play that is also not the Member providing this Skill.

Summon: These Skills create more Members and puts them into play on a random unoccupied space. They will either pull from current Members on the board or from your deck. When a Member is Summoned, Enter Skills will trigger if the new Member has one, and If Skills will trigger if new Member or the space its on fits the criteria. It will not begin a Fight upon summoning, but can be chained into to deal damage.

Move: Physically moves the Member from the space its on to any other space.

Deck Member: Members not currently in play or in your Hand.

Hand: One of the Members currently in your Hand

Convert: Swap Control of a Member. These are usually appended by more verbiage that indicate who rescinds and who receives control of the Member.

Per Link: These tally the number of Members that you control that chain together via art directions. Takes into account Long and Short Range arts. It won't "double count" links, and will only count the number of Members that are linked, rather than the number of individual links that are created.

In Range: Governed by Art directions to determine if another Member is in range.

Surrounding: Any Member that is in a space adjacent.

Transform/Evolve: Clears anything affecting the current Member and changes it into another one as indicated. It maintains the space it is on and can be newly affected by Skills going forward. If the new Member has an enter skill, it does not trigger. It will not begin a Fight upon Transform or Evolving, but can be chained into to deal damage.

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