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Fight Bursts are incredibly powerful attacks launched during combat in Fight League.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Fight Bursts are dependent on the leader you have chosen. Upon receiving damage from any source, a meter surrounding your FB button will fill. When you take 1000 damage, the FB Gauge will fully charge, light up, and your Fight Burst is available.

You may use your Fight Burst at the beginning of any action, so at the beginning of your turn, or before you place your second Member. Be sure to calculate your actions appropriately!

Fight Bursts are commonly going to be one of the goals of your deck that help it work. You may make it (one of) your win condition, something that helps the rest of the deck achieve its purpose, or even something to combat something you acknowledge as your team's weakness. Choosing a Fight Burst from your pieces is the most flexible part of your deck building.

Additionally, note that while the game's tutorial mentions that you can use it when you are at 2000 health or below, the true case is after you've taken 1000 damage, the Fight Burst becomes available. This detail means that you can heal damage that you have taken previously and Fight Burst while still very healthy. Furthermore, "damage" only consists of loss of health from the Leader. Depleting a Shield through a Clean or Damage, or attacking a Barrier will not increase the FB Gauge.

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